1 Mayıs 2010 Cumartesi

It's been a while....

Yeah it's been a while since I last posted something here. There has been many things in the mean time. First I was dreaming about Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, then I have the opportunity to buy one, but I choose HTC Touch HD mostly because of the glorious screen :). Then I was in the army, doing my military service. Now I am at home again, and have a shiny bigger, sweeter HTC Touch HD2. OK, enough said about the past, let's talk about the future now...

Lately, I started developing for Windows Mobile as a hobby. Actually, I was planning to do this the whole time, but only now I managed to start doing something.

Currently I am working on a project called LateReader, which is a Windows Mobile application to read and manage your Read It Later (RIL) lists. I will have a post about this project very soon.
I am also very much interested in the following open source projects:
After releasing LateReader, I will start working on these sources. I am planning to turn Freda to a very powerful ebook reader that reads many different formats.
Klaxon is already a very powerful app, I will be only fixing some annoyances there.
I have many other projects on my mind, and I am planning to work on them one after another. All projects will be free (at least the versions for up to WM 6.5). Some of the projects I have in my mind include:
  • Ebruzen: Ebru (Turkish marbling art) on the touch screen. Check this video to see what Ebru is! It's a wonderfull art.
  • Holy Book Reader: Read The Holy Kuran, Bible, Torah on your WM device. I know there are a lot of apps already available for this. But none has the simplicity and feature set I have in mind. You will see what I mean, when I post about this.
  • TakWiM : A calendar application that show many info about the current day including, wheather info, prayer times, GPS/CellID integration, Today in history, Name suggestions for the newborn, etc. You know like the old paper calendars with all these information. I miss them so much :)
You will be able to follow the status of all these projects here in Vizier's Palace. See you by then.

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