19 Ekim 2008 Pazar

Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

Xperia X1 is the first Windows Mobile powered smartphone of SE. Many things has been said about the this phone, especially the standards-setting 800x480 WVGA touchscreen and the new Panels Interface.

I will not repeat what is already said. This phone is theoretically available in UK, France and Sweeden by now. However, in reality only Sweedish Xperia lovers have been enjoying this great gadget as of now.

Most probably Xperia will not appear in my country for another 4-6 months. My wife will have a visit to Stockholm this week, so I decided to buy it from Sweden. I checked the prices and available stores including Siba (www.siba.se) and OnOff ( www.onoff.se) both of which have many stores in Stockholm.
I checked the official Xperia forum, and unfortunately seen a few things that made me reconsider my decision. First of all some people say that Xperia is sold out in Sweden (at least the black one). In addition the sold units include a Swedish version of the Windows Mobile, and there is no way to change the language setting without flashing a new ROM, which is hopefully (???) going to be available in an unforeseeable future.

At the end I am confused... Probably I will wait for another few months.

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