26 Ekim 2017 Perşembe

New blog...

Just started a new blog after a very long period of silence at http://blog.hakanserce.com

25 Mart 2012 Pazar

My way of GTD on Android...

The title of this blog entry may create a false impression that I have a mature GTD process on Android. Nope, sorry :( Not yet actually, but I am on my way.

Let me explain how I try to do GTD on my phone as of now.

I use the following tools for my GTD setup:

  1. Evernote
  2. Dropbox
  3. Mindjet
  4. Calendar (Stock)

Inbox (In-basket)

My Inbox is based on Evernote. Evernote is ideal as an inbox because it allows collecting all kinds of "stuff" including :
  • textual notes
  • drawings (with Skitch)
  • voice recordings
  • photos
  • e-mails
  • web clippings

For this I have created a Notebook called Inbox in Evernote, and set this as my default Notebook. I do not use tags for the notes in the Inbox Notebook.


Evernote again...

Every now and then, I go through my notes in the Inbox Notebook and process them. I move any processed note to another Notebook called Processed. I use tags (actually a tree of tags) for classifying items in this Notebook for the following:
  • Next Actions
  • Archive
  • Projects
  • Someday/Maybe
I use Calendar for Date/Time specific items. Also Calendar works great for the Tickler items.

Project Details

For details of a project I use mind maps. I create mind maps for each project in my project list using Mindjet and sync them with Dropbox.

Also for the supplementary files of a project, I use a folder structure in Dropbox.

Future work...

  • Need to integrate  Evernote project notes with the Midjet mind maps (some kind of hyperlink would be OK)
  • Need to integrate Evernote project notes and Mindjet mind maps with supplementary project files on Dropbox (again some sort of hyperlinking would be great)
  • Need to have some sort of dashboard for the whole thing (a very simple application would do it)

8 Aralık 2010 Çarşamba

Something for anime lovers...

Hi there,
I am working on a piece of software for anime lovers with an Android device. The first release is planned in a few weeks. Bleach fans will be the first to enjoy, then One Piece, Naruto/Naruto Shippuuden and Full Metal Alchemist will follow.

16 Haziran 2010 Çarşamba

LateReader is listed on the official Read It Later website...

LateReader is now listed on the official Read It Later website : http://www.readitlaterlist.com/apps/app/latereader

I hope this application will evolve into something that is both usefull and attractive for the Windows Mobile users...
We'll see...

21 Mayıs 2010 Cuma

LateReader is all over the Net ...

I guess many people were waiting for a Read It Later application for Windows Mobile platform. As soon as I released the application, I have seen that the application is mirrored on a number of freeware sites, and mentioned on many blogs, critcs sites etc. Here are a few of them:


LateReader is on freewarepocketpc.com ....

LateReader is available for download now on http://www.freewarepocketpc.net/ppc-download-latereader.html
 in addition to xda-devs forum. Although this is a very early beta release I receive very positive responses, hopefully we will have a much better app. in the near future.

16 Mayıs 2010 Pazar

LateReader v0.1.0 release...

Hello everybody.
I have the first public beta release of LateReader now.
I hope you enjoy it.

You can follow LateReader app progress here and also at xda-developers : http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?t=682845