25 Mart 2012 Pazar

My way of GTD on Android...

The title of this blog entry may create a false impression that I have a mature GTD process on Android. Nope, sorry :( Not yet actually, but I am on my way.

Let me explain how I try to do GTD on my phone as of now.

I use the following tools for my GTD setup:

  1. Evernote
  2. Dropbox
  3. Mindjet
  4. Calendar (Stock)

Inbox (In-basket)

My Inbox is based on Evernote. Evernote is ideal as an inbox because it allows collecting all kinds of "stuff" including :
  • textual notes
  • drawings (with Skitch)
  • voice recordings
  • photos
  • e-mails
  • web clippings

For this I have created a Notebook called Inbox in Evernote, and set this as my default Notebook. I do not use tags for the notes in the Inbox Notebook.


Evernote again...

Every now and then, I go through my notes in the Inbox Notebook and process them. I move any processed note to another Notebook called Processed. I use tags (actually a tree of tags) for classifying items in this Notebook for the following:
  • Next Actions
  • Archive
  • Projects
  • Someday/Maybe
I use Calendar for Date/Time specific items. Also Calendar works great for the Tickler items.

Project Details

For details of a project I use mind maps. I create mind maps for each project in my project list using Mindjet and sync them with Dropbox.

Also for the supplementary files of a project, I use a folder structure in Dropbox.

Future work...

  • Need to integrate  Evernote project notes with the Midjet mind maps (some kind of hyperlink would be OK)
  • Need to integrate Evernote project notes and Mindjet mind maps with supplementary project files on Dropbox (again some sort of hyperlinking would be great)
  • Need to have some sort of dashboard for the whole thing (a very simple application would do it)